About us

With many years experience in the online shops industry, Super-Goods formerly owned by ITWE Ltd Umbrella Group (it is a group as it owns other retail shops too) is now part of its own trading name SuperGoods offers excellent branded products such as Paul Frank iPhone cases, LV iPhone cases, LCD/LED TVs, Cozy Boots, mobile phones, iPad, Macbook pro, Samsung digital cameras and other digital camera brands, laptop screen protectors, Smart Shield S. S iPhone screen protectors and many others to customers throughout the UK. Founded in 2007, the business has an office in Leeds but is nationwide and as google analytics have shown lately global.

Super-goods products can be purchased online only, as supergoods operates as an online retailer.

Super-Goods is managed by a team of like minded individuals who has been focusing on the Shopping/retail business for many years now, since 2007. Having previously worked for a large blue chip company like Google and Intracom Greece S. A. , the management team are adequately trained to manage the shop, have experience in online technologies. SuperGoods and its team also has close relations with Hong Kong and China based suppliers and can provide sourcing of products easily. In the future SuperGoods may provide wholesale/dropshipping service too.

SuperGoods has an expanding network of clients, located throughout the UK, including several large organizations which are suppliers of products and marketing companies it ties with for exposure.